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Discover the powerful protection offered by Insect Repellent 130, designed to safeguard your interior woodwork from destructive insects, including termites. This specialized formulation serves as both a preventive measure and a robust treatment solution, ensuring long-lasting preservation of your wood surfaces.

🔍 Termite Resistant Paint: Insect Repellent 130 is a termite resistant paint that forms a barrier against termites, protecting your valuable furniture and structural wood from these destructive pests. This paint is specifically formulated to prevent termite infestations, making it an essential part of home maintenance.

🛡️ Comprehensive Wood Protection: Beyond termite resistance, this water-based formula also protects against other wood-destroying insects and fungi. It prevents the growth of blue fungus and is ideal for restoring and strengthening old wood, ensuring your wood remains healthy and intact.

🌱 Safe and Sustainable: As a termite paint, Insect Repellent 130 not only excels in efficiency but also in safety. It’s vapor-permeable, which means it allows your wood to breathe, preventing moisture build-up that can lead to further damage. This feature makes it one of the best options for maintaining the natural integrity of your wood.

🖌️ Easy to Use: This product does not require prior priming, making it easy to apply directly to any affected area. Its user-friendly nature ensures that you can efficiently handle both prevention and maintenance tasks without needing professional help.

🌟 Long-Lasting Durability: Paint to prevent termites needs to be durable, and Insect Repellent 130 meets this requirement by providing a finish that does not peel or crack over time. This durability ensures that your wood surfaces are protected for years to come, offering peace of mind and reducing the need for frequent reapplications.

Choose Insect Repellent 130 for a high-quality, reliable solution to protect your home from termites and other wood pests. With its specialized features and easy application, it is an ideal choice for anyone looking to enhance the longevity and beauty of their wood structures.


100 ml

1 layer

1 m2

Standard scheme

Stir before use!

Always do a trial coloring. Apply the product with a brush, spray, dipping an infected fragment into it or impregnation. The air and surface temperature should be above 15 °C. Always do a trial coloring.



The application and distribution of the product, as well as spraying, should be carried out at least in 2 doses. When spraying, take into account the possible loss of funds. To combat beetle larvae and to achieve optimal effect, fill the moves from 2 to 3 times.


Dipping or impregnation

The impregnation should last at least 30 minutes. Wet or raw wood must be lowered into the product and kept in it for 24 hours.


When the tree is affected by larvae

All visible holes created by larvae should be carefully filled with art. 130.Subsequent processing: If you continue to process the surface, you should pay attention to the fact that the applied product art. 130 was dried on the entire surface. If necessary, remove any crystals of the product with a brush or a damp cloth. Subsequent treatment of indoor surfaces is possible with all LINOS oil– or water-based compositions, and the exterior surface with LINOS street compositions.


Spray gun



The base must be dry, strong, clean, free of dust and grease and must be absorbent. The humidity of the tree should not exceed 15-20%. Shortly before use, shake the contents of the package. If the tree is affected by beetle larvae, carefully fill the eaten passages completely, if necessary with a disposable syringe.

Carefully read the technical instructions of each composition used

Subsequent treatment approximately 24 hours after application.

A sufficient amount of oxygen in the air is needed to dry the composition.

Regularly ventilate the room well. In order to avoid the formation of a specific odor, it is recommended to use sources of constantly circulating air, for example, fans.

– water
– potassium palmitate
– fatty acids
– aluminum oxide
– magnesium oxide
– silica
– potassium chloride

Cleaning of tools should be carried out immediately after use with water or Natural soap art. 930.

Keep out of reach of children

Avoid contact with the environment.

Residues should not be disposed of in the soil or sewage. Dispose of the contents/container for appropriate recycling.

Store in a cool, dry place, do not freeze. Shelf life in a closed package is at least 2 years.

According to the official rules. Disposal Code: EAK/EWC 08 01 20

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