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Priming of wood

Priming of the tree is in most cases mandatory for painting on the street. When treated with soil, the risk of cracking, rotting and contamination of the surface with a wood-coloring fungus is reduced.

We advise you to immediately cover the facade with primer oil for wood Art.150 (or primer for wood Ultra Nature Art.877).

Yes, the soil for wood can be used for temporary preservation of wooden structures, facades and other vertical and horizontal surfaces on the street.

The first layer of oil applied to the wood will always be considered a primer.

Yes, that’s right. Oil consumption will decrease by about 10%.

Before applying the primer for the tree, it is necessary to mix.
Apply primer oil Art.150 on wood with a brush, roller, spray gun.

The primer for wood is not used for terrace decking, which will be treated with Oil for terraces Art.236.

DECORATIVE EFFECT: Ultra Nature wood primer Art.877 is completely absorbed into the wood, leaving no film on its surface. Due to this, when applying the finishing coating (LEINOS oil), the color of the surface does not differ from the color of the unpainted surface painted with the same finishing composition.

FOR TIMBER AND LOGS: The moisture content of wood should be no more than 20%. On the street, the coloring of a tree with a humidity of more than 20% is allowed to be carried out only with Ultra Nature wood primer Art. 877.

In the primer oil Art.150, as in all compositions for outdoor work, there is an additive from UV radiation. These are titanium dioxide nanoparticles. They dissipate solar radiation, but rather weakly.

All compositions of LEINOS are applied to the primer oil Art.150. In particular, Azure oil Art.260

Under the Terrace oil LEINOS Art.236, it is not necessary to prime the wood. This will degrade the absorbency. Terrace oil Art.236 has already been made so that it is well absorbed.

Priming surfaces indoors is not necessary – there is no snow, rain and an environment favorable for the development of fungus.

If the wood is dry inside, it is enough to cover the Oil with azure for interior work LEINOS Art.261 in 2 layers.

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