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Surface preparation and application

Grinding is a process aimed at the rapid and high–quality elimination of defects from the surface of wood and its preparation for further processing.

Surface preparation before painting is carried out by a vibrating or eccentric, orbital grinding machine using an abrasive of different granularity, depending on the surface quality.

Texturing of wood is a technical process of selecting annual rings, i.e. the manifestation of the structure of the tree.

Cup-shaped brushes are used to texture the walls of the house.

For coloring, you can use a brush with natural or mixed pile.
The brush should be quite dense, and the pile should not fall out during work.

Non-woven non-abrasive pad is used for oil polishing.

No, it’s just an irrational use of oil. LEINOS oils are easily and simply applied with a brush without streaks and smudges.

Tinted oil can be stored for at least 2 years in an unopened package.

FOR PARQUET AND LINING: The recommended humidity of the painted wood should be no more than 13-15%.
FOR TIMBER AND LOGS: the moisture content of the wood should be no more than 20%.

To do this, pour a little water on the surface

With regard to paints, the term “natural” is widely used in the sense of environmental safety (“green” paints).

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are carbon-based chemical compounds present in most paints. VOCs are harmful to the environment and also contribute to global warming.

To process a wooden house , it is necessary:
For outdoor work: Primer oil Art. 150 – prevents the appearance of blue and mold, is applied in one layer, also prepares the surface for applying azure oil for wood Art. 260.

Short-term freezing of oils is not terrible. If the jars are tightly closed and completely filled, the oil will not dry out and a wax film will not form on the surface.

If the antiseptic creates an impermeable, synthetic film on the surface, then the oil will not be able to absorb into the wood (our products can only be applied to an absorbent surface).

In the composition of Azure Oil for wood Art. 260, as well as in all compositions for the street, LEINOS uses iodine-propinyl-butyl-carbamate (IPBC) as a fungicide.

Intensive cleaner Art. 935 is designed for cleaning wood, stone and other surfaces from mold and mildew. This composition destroys microorganisms, but at the same time, it consists only of natural substances

Fungus and mold develop in the presence of a nutrient medium, high humidity and a comfortable temperature (plus 10 C and above). The fungicide has a depressing effect on the development of microorganisms, but its effect is limited in time and is mainly associated with the washing out of the composition by rains.

1. We recommend grinding. The polished surface evenly absorbs oil, this will affect the service life of the coating and the quality of the surface.

The most economical treatment: Azure for facades and fences LEINOS article 110. Azure is designed to protect wooden facades, fences and gazebos.

The surface polished with a grain size of P80-P100 will be much darker (richer in color) than the one polished with an abrasive P120. Reducing the grain size reduces the ability of the surface to absorb.

The recommendation to grind is preserved. Grinding removes aged wood fibers, protruding resin, and also opens pores and improves absorbency, which greatly affects the protective properties of the coating.

Oils under the Ultra Nature trademark are produced at the Reinckenaturfarbeng GmbH factory, known for its Leinos paints.

1) The type of wood and its density;

2) The surface was primed or the composition was applied without prior priming;

3) Grinding. The method of preparation and the grain size of the abrasive material.

4) The human factor. The thickness of the layer, as well as the application tool.

The main nuance is the coating with a colorless composition. Thermo wood, highly exposed to UV.

The presence and intensity of the smell depends on many factors. The smell in the jar and the smell after application are felt differently due to the different evaporation area.

The old coating must be completely removed. Otherwise, all the work will be in vain. The oil will not be absorbed into the surface and will not form on the film composition.

The reason for these changes lies in the reaction of linseed oil with titanium dioxide (white pigment). The area closed from the light has the property of turning yellow.

Sediment is a natural polymerization process of natural compounds, mainly waxes.

The reason is the quality of grinding, the oil shows all the defects of the material processing well. We recommend grinding with an abrasive material with a grain size of P100 or P120.

No. By wiping the composition with a cloth, you will weaken all the protective properties of the oil.

LEINOS oil is vapor permeable, it is deeply absorbed into the wood, binds to the fibers and forms a single whole with them. This structure allows the tree to breathe, which means it is good to preserve it

The grain size of the abrasive directly affects the absorbency of the wood.

Oils with a high wax content (Solid oil with wax Art. 290), work well on furniture, floors, wherever increased wear resistance is required.

The volumes of LEINOS cans are: 10L, 2.5l, 1L, 250ml, 125ml.

Surface grinding:
– removes dirt and tar
– removes small dents
– gives a transverse wave
– opens the pores of the tree
– makes the surface uniform in structure and improves its absorbency.

All this will have the best effect on the appearance, protective properties and durability of the painted surface. The drawing of the tree will look more interesting, and the consumption of paint or oil will be predictable.

How to apply oil?Roller, brush, cloth, non-abrasive pad, spray gun, spatula.

Lessiruyuschaya coloring.
Lessiruyuschaya, this is when the tree is clearly visible and the drawing is viewed.

Yes, it will. LEINOS oils create a translucent coating, revealing the pattern and structure of the tree.

This technique is applied on a textured surface

“Water” paints can be both natural and synthetic. It’s not about the water that will evaporate when it dries.

The approximate price per square meter is about 180 rubles. according to the technology in two layers (indoors).

The paint market is widely controlled by international chemical companies, which, traditionally, are less concerned about environmental protection than other issues.

Many people suffering from allergies and asthma have received relief when using natural LEINOS paints.

If the glued beam is not dirty and has a good geometry, then you just need to open the pores of the wood. Grinding with a fine abrasive grain P100 or P120 will cope with this.

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