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Painting on the street

The most resistant to UV radiation are pigment-saturated oils, they are less transparent, but the protection of the tree is higher.

The ends absorb liquids 5 times more intensively, so the consumption will be higher in any case. At the ends it is unclear whether the oil has dried or not, since it is well absorbed and does not remain on the surface.

To change the color of the house slightly, for example, to make it a little darker, you do not need to polish. Apply one or two coats of oil of a new color.

The tree changes its geometric dimensions when humidity changes, expands by gaining water and decreases in dry weather.
Breathing is just about the movement of water vapor.

Natural drying oil is made from linseed oil and holds perfectly on wood.

Oil for terraces Art.236. Created specifically for painting horizontal surfaces on the street. It does not require a primer, as it is liquid enough to soak deep into the wood.

Natural LEINOS oils are devoid of these disadvantages. Cover the tree from all sides, do not forget about the ends.

Рекомендованная схема окраски для внешних работ такая же, как и для фасадов.
Грунтовочное масло Арт.150 и первый слой Масла – лазури для дерева Арт.260 наносите до монтажа, а второй слой масла – уже на стене.

It depends on your physical and moral strength. One of the advantages of LEINOS natural oils is the ease of application. Sanding takes longer than the painting process.

If the walls are not wet, then you can. A wet and even dried section of the wall will differ from a dry one after applying the oil.

We do not recommend applying the oil in the cold.
At subzero temperatures, the oil thickens. The color quality will be lower.

If the first layer dries for a long time, check the moisture content of the tree. In wet wood, oil is absorbed worse, remains on the surface and dries longer.

We recommend covering a fresh log house with primer oil for wood Art.150 (or Ultra Nature primer Art.877), oil-based (linseed oil), there is a fungicide in the composition.

There are three main types of coating aging:
1) Peeling or peeling of the paint film from the wood. LEINOS oils do not peel and do not peel off;

First you need to find out what type of paint the house was painted with. To update the natural LEINOS oil, you only need to apply one layer of oil, the same color.

It’s a matter of taste and design.
Sewing with a board is less labor-intensive, but does not involve shrinkage at home.

The drying time of the oil is approximately 16-24 hours. At a temperature of 20-24 degrees and normal humidity. Low temperature and high humidity increase the drying time.

Larch has an undeniable advantage in mechanical resistance. Dense, impregnated with resin, it holds various blows of fate well: a fallen hammer, hairpins, icy rain, etc. Larch wood is also prone to cracking.

The end cut has a greater absorbency in contrast to the longitudinal one. You can apply finishing grinding with P100 grain. For the ends, we recommend using Azure oil Art. 260 or Weather-resistant paint oil Art. 850.

For facades, we recommend the following painting scheme:
1) To create a laminating coating (the structure of the tree will manifest itself)
1 layer of primer oil Art. 150
2 layer of colored Oil – azure for wood Art. 260 (tinted in any color)
3 layer of colored Oil – azure for wood Art. 260

Azure for facades Art. 110 is supplied already tinted with mineral pigments (the color differs from batch to batch). It has a dark brown color.

For painting windows, priming oil Art. 150 and Azure oil Art. 260 are recommended.

We polish the terrace board from the front side, remove dust and cover it with Oil for terraces Art. 236 from all sides. This is necessary so that the board does not bend in the future.

When building a house made of natural moisture wood, it is very important to prevent the formation and development of fungus on its surface. After all, getting rid of gray spots without damage to the tree is not an easy task.

Oil for terraces Art. 236 should be absorbed into the wood. If your antiseptic has closed the pores of the tree, then the oil will dry out with a film, without being absorbed into the decking. Accordingly, the oil will hold on as long as the coating is kept under it.

If the log house is fresh, then under the main coating you need to use LEINOS primer oil Art. 150. Thanks to the primer oil, the tree will be protected from the development of fungus during the drying process.
If the log house is dry, then you can do with azure oil for LEINOS Art. 260 wood in three layers

A tree without protection not only turns gray, UV radiation destroys lignin, and rains wash out the resin. The top layer of wood becomes less dense and absorbs water (and oil, too) better. Therefore, we recommend completely removing the old coating before painting.

Yes, these compounds are compatible. You can apply the first layer of Oil – azure Art. 260, and then the Oil – azure metallic Art.264. And you can do the opposite. The main thing is to like the result.

The fire resistance coefficient of a structure is defined as the time interval during which it will be able to effectively withstand the effects of open fire.
LEINOS oils have a TUV certificate of fire resistance.

We recommend following the application scheme recommended by the manufacturer of LEINOS oils. For the decking we use Terrace oil Art. 236 + Terrace oil Art. 236, necessarily tinted.

Not appropriate. So it’s not worth saving.
Read more: the second layer of Azure Oil Art.260 saturates and evens out the color of the coating. One layer of Azure Oil Art.260 is not enough to create normal protection.

During assembly, it is possible to process the hidden planes of the beam.
Ultra Nature primer Art. 877 is intended to protect raw wood from contamination during storage, construction and drying before painting.
It is easy to apply it, brush or roller.

We wrote how it would be with only one layer of primer composition. After the soil, having painted the facade with two (exactly two) layers of tinted Oil – azure Art. 260, you will receive full protection of the tree from the sun, moisture, all kinds of insects and microorganisms.

1. Ultra Nature wood primer Art. 877 and Oil for facades Ultra Nature Art. 870 are suitable for the facade.
We recommend doing a trial coloring on the primed surface, because the primer composition affects the color saturation. The color saturation is also strongly influenced by surface preparation.

With a new bar, everything is easily calculated:
1. Easy grinding with abrasive grain P80 or P100 – open the pores of the tree.
2. Application of LEINOS Primer oil Art. 150. You need 13 liters for 200 meters.
3. Application of azure oil LEINOS Art. 260 in two layers (with intermediate drying). For 200 meters, you will need 20 liters of azure – for example, in the color 1714 Eiche Mittel (it is similar to the color of oak wood)

The dried tree, covered with an antiseptic composition with protection from water penetration, will be best preserved. Glued beams with minimal protection (water antiseptic) will withstand winter. Wood of natural humidity will have the hardest time.

There are two main questions about grinding: what kind of tool and what kind of abrasive material?
What kind of tool?
Angle grinder with speed control (aka UHM, aka Bulgarian) is the most favorite tool due to high productivity and prevalence. As a rule, disks with petals of a large skin are placed on it

For facades, we recommend the following paint scheme:
1) To create a lapping coating that will exhibit the structure of the tree:
1 layer primer oil Art. 150
2 layer Oil – azure for wood Art. 260 (tinted in any color)
3 layer Oil – azure for wood Art. 260

The old coating must be completely removed. Otherwise, all the work will be in vain. The oil will not be absorbed into the surface and will not form on the film composition.
If the application technology is followed, the oil is well absorbed and penetrates deeply into the pores of the wood.

In conditions of high humidity, more frequent surface renewal will be required. The oil-soaked surface is updated on average once a year. Terrace Oil Art. 236 due to its properties is suitable only for impregnating wood with oil without a thick surface film.

Террасное масло 236 артикул не предназначено для использования без колеровки. Мы не рекомендуем использование состава без колеровки, что возможно приведёт к дальнейшему пожелтению, а в случаях с термо древесиной поверхность может посереть.

Масло для террас Арт 236 насыщено льняным маслом и поэтому белые и пастельные оттенки могут не значительно желтеть.
Обычно для окраски террас выбирают темные, коричневые, либо цвета близкие к древесным.

The minimum application temperature recommended by the manufacturer for these formulations is +10 degrees. But drying time and polymerization will greatly increase.
It is important, at the time of drying, to protect the surface from moisture ingress.

Cover according to the application technologies recommended by the manufacturer.
Outside, use compositions for the street.

Cracking of the ends occurs due to uneven moisture output from the wood. When drying, the wood narrows, and the outer part of the material dries faster. Due to the narrowing, a high voltage is obtained in the dried part of the wood, it cracks or even more correctly breaks.

Oil for terraces Art. 236
Teak oil Art. 223
They are equally suitable for primary treatment and water-repellent impregnation, as well as for preventive care of any wooden product on the street.

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