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Furniture painting

Solid oil with wax Art. 290 or Universal solid oil Art. 259, will better protect furniture from abrasion.

We can recommend a simple application scheme recommended by the manufacturer of LEINOS oils.

If it is necessary to make a deep impregnation of wood, then we use Solid oil Art. 240. It is liquid and without wax. Completely absorbed into the wood.

240 Solid oil is absorbed the deepest, without leaving a coating layer on the surface. It can be used as an independent coating, and as the first primer layer for other oils (and for 259, 290 too)

If you need to protect the countertop, we recommend oil for countertops Art. 280. It contains carnauba wax, which remains on the surface and forms a hard coating.

Wax azure Art 600, a water-based wax emulsion, is suitable for children’s toys. Water compositions are tinted with natural concentrated pigments article 668, which create exclusive colors that are not repeated on other pigments.

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