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Floor painting

The wear resistance of the coating for the walls will be lower than that of LEINOS parquet oils.

1. A great advantage is the long working time with oils. This means that excess oil can remain on the surface without drying for up to 1 hour. This is very important for large areas.

For floors, we recommend Solid oil with wax Art. 290, the coating is silky – matte. It is also possible to cover the floors with Universal solid oil art. 259, it is matte.

For stairs, you can use the same compositions as for floors.

Floor protection scheme
Layer 1 and 2:
Colored Solid oil with wax (LEINOS Art. 290)

Stir the oil before use. Always do a trial coloring.
Pre-prepare the surface with an abrasive material with a grain size of P100-P120. The wood must be durable and dust-free.

The main difference between Solid oil with wax Art. 290 from Universal solid oil Art. 259, is that Art. 290 is more wear-resistant to mechanical impact and abrasion, due to the increased wax content in the composition.

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