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Care and renewal

The service life of the facade, covered with Oil – azure for wood Art. 260 is 5-7 years before the renovation on the south side.

Every 1-2 years. After winter, look at the condition of the terrace, scratches and scuffs. You won’t have to polish it.

If it’s time to renew the tree, restore the damaged areas, then applying one layer of oil is enough.

No, because the painted surface with LEINOS compounds has antistatic properties and repels dust.

First of all, the composition – they are natural, the whole composition is fully registered on the bank. Only natural binders are used in the production of LEINOS oils.

Completely dried oil does not soften when heated.

Sawn longitudinally and transversely, wood absorbs liquids in different ways. In the knot, the tree is cut across the fibers and absorbs very well.

If we talk about the appearance of the lacquer coating and oil, then it’s a matter of taste.
Varnishes give the floors a smooth shiny surface

Changes in the appearance of the painted surface may be of a different nature.
The most unpleasant is peeling paint.

On the German website leinos.de there is no such information and that’s why. Polish is a furniture care product, applied in a very thin layer, after which the surface is polished dry with a soft cloth.

Surfaces that have been confirmed by intense loads need to be updated. This will restore all the protective properties of the coating and give the surface its original appearance.

A qualitatively painted decking made of pine or larch will serve for many years without resurfacing. Over time, the shine is lost and this is a natural process for the oil.

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