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The oil is intended for the treatment of floors made of exotic and fruit wood species subject to intense wear. It is applied by polishing or by the method of application with heating.


– Water
– the combination of fatty acids of coconut oil and potassium soap
– soy oil fatty acids
– the compound of fatty acids of palm oil and potassium soap

Standard scheme

Apply with a cloth, brush or polishing machine. Then rinse the surface with clean water. In order not to harm the surface with alkali, when cleaning oiled or waxed surfaces, as well as when processing linoleum, use a soap solution with water (30-50 ml of soap per 10 liters of water). When using a polishing machine to clean oiled or waxed surfaces, dilute the soap in water in proportions of 1:1. At the end, rinse the surface thoroughly with clean water.

Polishing pad


Polishing Machine


The surface must be dry, durable, clean, free of grease and dust.

Carefully read the technical instructions of each composition used

At a temperature of 20 ° C and average humidity, drying takes 16-24 hours. A decrease in temperature and an increase in humidity slow down the drying process. When painting indoors, in order to dry the composition and avoid the formation of a specific odor, it is recommended to ventilate the room and use forced ventilation.

A sufficient amount of oxygen in the air is needed to dry the composition.

Regularly ventilate the room well. In order to avoid the formation of a specific odor, it is recommended to use sources of constantly circulating air, for example, fans.

It is washed with water. Wash the tools immediately after use with water

When drying, ensure sufficient air exchange

Keep out of reach of children

In case of ingestion and ingestion — do not induce vomiting!

Seek medical help by presenting the technical instructions or the product label to the doctor!

Ensure respiratory protection when spraying.

Avoid contact with the environment.

Residues should not be disposed of in the soil or sewage. Dispose of the contents/container for appropriate recycling.

Due to the natural substances included in the product, a specific smell is possible.

Store in a cool, dry place, do not freeze. Shelf life in a closed package is at least 2 years.

According to the official rules. Disposal Code: EAK/EWC 07 06 01

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