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Introducing Terrace Wood Oil 236, a premium solution for protecting and enhancing the natural beauty of your outdoor wood surfaces. This versatile oil is specifically formulated for the impregnation of a variety of wood types used in outdoor settings such as fences, gazebos, children’s play equipment, terraces, and garden furniture.

🌿 Eco-Friendly Protection: Terrace Wood Oil 236 serves as an eco-friendly paint for garden sheds and other outdoor structures. This paint not only safeguards wood from environmental damage but also preserves its aesthetic appeal with a protective coat that enhances the wood’s natural grain.

🔒 Robust Outdoor Durability: Apply this oil to create a barrier that offers high resistance to weather and wear, making it the ideal choice for areas like decks and patios. The formula includes non-toxic wood stains for decks, ensuring that it is safe for both the environment and your family.

🌱 Natural Wood Care: Perfect as a protective natural oil for outdoor furniture, Terrace Wood Oil 236 is infused with additives that prevent fungus, mold, and blue stain, maintaining the wood’s strength and elasticity. This helps prevent cracking and aging, even in tropical and thermally treated woods.

🛡️ Enhanced Longevity and Performance: With Terrace Wood Oil 236, maintenance is straightforward. The oil does not require prior priming, making it easy to apply and maintain over time. It does not peel or crack, ensuring that your outdoor spaces remain beautiful year after year.

🖌️ Versatile Application: Whether you’re updating a terrace or refinishing garden furniture, this oil is versatile enough to handle any project. Its excellent penetration properties ensure deep protection and vibrant enhancement of all treated surfaces.

Invest in Terrace Wood Oil 236 for your outdoor wood projects and enjoy a blend of aesthetics, functionality, and environmental responsibility. It’s more than just a paint; it’s a long-term investment in the durability and beauty of your outdoor spaces.


– linseed oil
– linseed oil standard
– mineral pigments (except colorless)
– tallow oil
– standard of wood oil
– Isoparaffin
– iodine-propinyl-butyl-carbonate
– fatty acid ester
– clay
– castor oil standard

The maximum content of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in this product is 450 g/l. European standard VOC no more than 700 g/l (Category “F” since 2010).

0.125 l

1 layer

2 m2

2 layers

1.5 m2

2.5 l

1 layer

41.5 m2

2 layers

30 m2

1 l

1 layer

16.6 m2

2 layers

12 m2

10 l

1 layer

166 m2

2 layers

120 m2

Standard scheme

1 layer

2 layer

Stir before use! Do not use at temperatures below 10°C. The composition is ready for use. Use a brush to apply. It is necessary to apply Terrace oil art. 236 in a uniform thin layer, avoiding streaks and smudges. The non-saturated oil (puddles, thick layer) must be removed or spread with a brush on dry areas. Apply two coats of oil with intermediate drying. Always do a trial coloring.


Initial coloring

The wood must be strong, free from dust and dirt. To increase the durability and depth of oil absorption, the surface must be prepared by grinding with an abrasive material with a grain size of P80-P100 or an abrasive brush with a grain size of P46-P80. Before painting, make sure that the surface is dry.


Updating the surface previously painted with Terrace oil

Remove dust, dirt and protruding resin. Before painting, make sure that the surface is dry. Already grayed wood should be sanded to a light surface, if possible, or pre-treated with LEINOS Gray Plaque Cleaner art. 940. Applying one layer is enough for updating.


Updating the surface previously painted with non-natural paint or varnish

Completely remove the old coating in any way. Finish grinding with an abrasive material with a grain size of P80-P100 or an abrasive brush with a grain size of P46-P80. Before painting, make sure that the surface is dry. Carefully read the technical instructions of each composition used.

Carefully read the technical instructions of each composition used

At a temperature of 20 ° C and a relative humidity of 15-55% for about 12-24 hours. Provide forced ventilation in the room during use and drying.

A sufficient amount of oxygen in the air is needed to dry the composition.

Regularly ventilate the room well. In order to avoid the formation of a specific odor, it is recommended to use sources of constantly circulating air, for example, fans.

Immediately after work, use white spirit solvent or a similar solvent to clean the tool.

The product is not self-igniting

To avoid fire, oil-soaked working materials, such as fabrics, sponges, as well as abrasive dust with low-dried oil, should be placed in a metal container or in water

When drying, ensure sufficient air exchange

Keep out of reach of children

In case of ingestion and ingestion — do not induce vomiting!

Seek medical help by presenting the technical instructions or the product label to the doctor!

Ensure respiratory protection when spraying.

Avoid contact with the environment.

Residues should not be disposed of in the soil or sewage. Dispose of the contents/container for appropriate recycling.

Due to the natural substances included in the product, a specific smell is possible.

Store in a cool, dry place, do not freeze. Shelf life in a closed package is at least 2 years.

According to the official rules. Disposal Code: EAK/EWC 08 01 11

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