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Natural matte white paint made of porcelain clay (kaolin). Designed for painting walls and ceilings in the interior. It is recommended for children’s and sleeping quarters.


– Water
– cellulose
– polyaspartic acid
– silver chloride (<100 mg/l)
– clay
– titanium dioxide
– safflower oil
– chalk
– vegetable emulsifier
– benzisothiazolinone

The VOC content is a maximum of 1 g/l The maximum EU limit is 30 g/l (category “A” since 2010).

2.5 l

1 layer

16.5 m2

Stir the oil before use!

Apply the paint evenly with a roller, brush or spray gun. As a rule, one layer is enough to obtain a high-quality coating. During application and drying, it is necessary to ventilate the room. Always do a trial coloring.



Spray gun


The surface must be dry, durable, clean, free of grease and dust. Perform a test staining. Always mix the paint well before use and during operation. Surface preparation: Deep penetration primer LEINOS Art. 620

Carefully read the technical instructions of each composition used

At 20 ° C and 50% relative humidity for about 6-12 hours. To dry the composition and avoid the formation of a specific odor, it is recommended to ventilate the room and use forced ventilation.

A sufficient amount of oxygen in the air is needed to dry the composition.

Regularly ventilate the room well. In order to avoid the formation of a specific odor, it is recommended to use sources of constantly circulating air, for example, fans.

Immediately after work, use water and natural soap LEINOS art. 930 to clean the tool.

Keep out of reach of children

Avoid contact with the environment. Avoid contact with the environment.

Residues should not be disposed of in the soil or sewage. Dispose of the contents/container for appropriate recycling.

May cause an allergic reaction.

Store in a cool, dry place, do not freeze. Shelf life in a closed package is 12 months.

According to the official rules. Disposal Code: EAK/EWC 08 01 20 Dry product residues can be disposed of as household waste.

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