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Decorative mineral finishes

Explore LEINOS Decorative Mineral Finishes: High-Quality German Paints

Delve into our range of natural pigmented paints crafted for both robust exterior applications and exquisite interior designs. LEINOS, bringing German quality to India, offers vibrant, colorful wall paint ideas and sustainable solutions for every painting project. 

Clay paint 655

Natural matte white paint made of porcelain clay (kaolin). Intended for painting walls and ceilings in the interior. Recommended for children’s rooms and bedrooms.

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Azure-binder 646

Transparent binder glaze. Used as a binder in combination with LAYNOS Concentrated Pigments No. 668. For creating colored, vapor permeable and decorative wall surfaces indoors.

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Silicate primer 621

Primer for surface preparation before applying silicate paint or plaster. For highly absorbent surfaces on walls and ceilings. It is used as a preparation before the application of silicate paint. Silicate Primer 621 is recognized as the best primer for interior walls, ideal for preparing surfaces and enhancing the durability and appearance of your wall finishes.

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Deep penetration soil 620

Primer for preparation before applying paint or plaster. For highly absorbent wall and ceiling surfaces. For equalizing the degree of absorption (e.g. different wall materials in the same room). To be used as a preparation before applying paint or plaster.

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Paint with natural resins 660

Natural matte white paint with a unique formulation. Intended for painting walls and ceilings in the interior. Recommended for all spaces. Unleash your creativity with LEINOS Paint with Natural Resins 660, an artist-grade natural oil paint that combines exceptional quality with environmental responsibility.

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Silicate paint 690

Natural white matte paint based on liquid potassium glass. It is designed for painting walls and ceilings in wet and dry rooms. Recommended for kitchens, corridors and other rooms with high mechanical load. Choose Silicate Paint 690 for environmentally safe paint that enhances your interiors with durability and style, perfect for any renovation.

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Concentrated pigments 668

Pigment pastes 22 pieces to create unique colors. Silver and gold pigments for a pearlescent finish. Create exclusive colors, unrepeatable on other pigments. For adding color to LEINOS water colors and decorative glazes.

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Efficiency and Elegance: Featuring pigmented finishes ideal for dynamic interior design with painting, our products, including natural pigmented paint for exterior surfaces, ensure durability and aesthetic appeal. Perfect for creating eco-friendly living spaces with a touch of elegance.

Versatile and Sustainable: Whether you’re enhancing a kitchen or designing a cozy bedroom, our paints—formulated with high-quality pigments—provide not only rich colors but also environmental benefits. Experience the true versatility of our German-engineered paint collection.

Transform your environment with LEINOS Decorative Mineral Finishes, where German innovation meets natural beauty in every stroke.

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