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For exterior woodwork

Welcome to our curated selection of products crafted for the protection and enhancement of exterior woodwork. LEINOS, a German company, specializes in weather-resistant natural paints and linseed oil finishes designed specifically for outdoor environments. Our formulations are engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions, ensuring long-term protection and maintaining the natural beauty of wood surfaces.

Lazur metallic 264 oil

Silver glaze for long-term protection of facades, windows, doors and other vertical surfaces outdoors.
Enhance your home’s exterior with Facade Stain 264, featuring durable earl gray paint color and other exterior paint shades. Ideal for facades, windows, and doors, this stain offers long-lasting protection and style.

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Premium Wood Varnish 260

Discover the enduring beauty and protection of Premium Wood Varnish 260. Specially formulated for exterior wood, this eco-friendly varnish delivers long-lasting durability and superior UV resistance, ensuring your wood surfaces stay protected and vibrant.

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Terrace Wood Oil 236

Oil for impregnating all types of outdoor wood surfaces such as fences, gazebos, children’s play equipment, patios and garden furniture. Terrace Wood Oil 236 offers top-tier protection and aesthetic enhancement for all outdoor wood surfaces, ensuring durability and eco-friendly care.

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Impregnation Wood Primer 150

Priming oil for deep impregnation and protection of outdoor wood. It evens out the absorbency of the surface – reduces consumption and allows a more uniform color in the subsequent processing with tinted compounds. Protect and preserve your exterior woodwork with LEINOS Impregnation Wood Primer 150, featuring natural ingredients for an eco-safe, low odor application that enhances wood resilience.

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Grey Plaque Cleaner 940

GREY PLAQUE CLEANER 940 Entgrauer SCOPE OF APPLICATION The product is intended for cleaning outdoor furniture and terraces from gray plaque. Cleans well and eliminates

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Insect repellent 130

Defend your wood with LEINOS Insect Repellent 130, a leading termite resistant paint designed to protect against termites and enhance the durability of your woodwork.

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Teak oil 223

Oil for impregnating or maintaining all types of outdoor wood surfaces, such as fences, pergolas, children’s play equipment, patios and teak garden furniture

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Robust Protection Against the Elements: Experience enhanced durability and resilience with our weather-resistant coatings. Our durable paint for outdoor use is developed to resist fading, cracking, and peeling, effectively shielding wood from environmental stressors while preserving its charm. This robust portfolio includes our acclaimed weather resistant natural paints, ensuring that your woodwork stands the test of time against the elements.

Eco-Friendly and Safe: Choose eco-friendly solutions with our linseed oil finishes for outdoor use. Crafted with sustainable and non-toxic ingredients, our finishes not only protect wood but also contribute to environmental preservation, aligning with our commitment to eco-responsibility. The addition of linseed in our products enhances their protective properties, further sealing the wood from moisture and decay.

Versatile Applications: Ideal for a range of outdoor projects, our durable outdoor wood paint is perfect for revitalizing everything from facades and fences to garden furniture and decks. Ensure every exterior wooden surface receives the best care and attention, enhancing longevity and appearance.

Enhance and Preserve: Beyond mere protection, our weather-resistant natural paints also elevate the aesthetic appeal of your exterior spaces. They enhance the wood’s natural texture and color, ensuring your outdoor areas are as visually stunning as they are durable.

Choose LEINOS for your exterior woodwork needs and enjoy products that blend natural ingredients with high standards of quality and sustainability, meeting the demands of even the most rigorous outdoor conditions.

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